Moving to a foreign country can be challenging and to make such a step, one has to be well prepared and supported.

Being Expatriates ourselves, we are well aware of the feelings and hassles you may be facing.

With our 20 years of experience in relocation, we are here to support you during your move to Austria and to make you feel welcome in your new home.

Immigration Services

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Prior to starting the Immigration process, detailed overview of each case is necessary.

Part of our service is initial consultation where we discuss with the client all options available and we tailor a solution based on the needs of the client in compliance with the legal requirements.

Having a deep thought about each case is a key to a successful accomplishment.

We are capable in providing following immigration services:

  • Work permits;
  • Rot-Weiss-Rot Card/Blue Card/Intra-Company Transfer;
  • Jobseeker visas;
  • Residency permits for family members;
  • Temporary Residency Permits for EU national and their family members;
  • Consultancy with obtaining business visa for your partners from abroad;

Our service does not end with your arrival to Austria, we are also here to support you during your settlement in Austria.

We can provide you with a consultancy when planning to change the employer, moving to a new location or e.g. getting married and having a child in Austria.

Relocation Services

Just as with the Immigration, the relocation process itself requires detailed planning to make sure all aspects of the move would be covered. When making the decision to move to Austria, we can offer you initial consultation. During this consultation we would discuss your needs and needs of your family to find smooth solutions to meet your expectations.

As each case is unique, we can prepare the relocation and settling-in services tailored specifically for yourself and your family.

Following list are just examples of what we can offer:

  • Orientation trip – we are able to cover most of the cities in Austria. This trip can be prepared for 1 – 3 days to get you and your family familiar with the location to which you plan to move;
  • Home search – based on your requirements, we could provide you with assistance when finding a suitable accommodation in Austria. Part of the service is negotiation of the lease agreement and initial communication with the landlord;
  • Settling-in services – we can offer several packages based on your needs and needs of your family. In this package we can cover basic needs such as internet connection, opening a bank account to helping you finding a vet for your pet or registration for government charges.
  • Departure services – this part of the service is often overseen, but departure itself contains almost as much effort as arrival into a new country. It is important to make sure you are leaving Austria with all matters closed, so there would be no backlogs.

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